One-stop platform for retailers & manufacturers or suppliers to connect, go digital!

Konnectbox is a marketplace that bridges the gap between manufacturers, wholesale sellers & retail markets across the globe. Now our customers can get a wide range of products at the lowest prices directly from the sellers. Also, sellers gain access to new and an expanding customer base.

The Company & Team

A lot of innovation comes from people who are closest to a problem. Our co-founder Karan was retailing DTC through eBay in the USA. But soon, he faced roadblocks with changes in eBay policies. So he reached out to Sameehanay, who was in the business of financing inventory, for help.

Fragmented markets and the problems of a traditional supply chain led Karan and Sameehanay to identify a bigger problem statement in the world of B2B retail. Existing mechanisms left businesses with limited choices for which they had to 'compete away' their margins.

Konnectbox was born out of the need to bridge this gap and empower the B2B supply chain with technology.